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On Race and Running: with Russell Dinkins

On Race and Running: with Russell Dinkins

Welcome back to Run Your Mouth! This week’s episode is different in a few ways- it’s a crossover episode with the Citius Mag Podcast, we recorded it remotely via Zoom, and it’s a bit more serious in tone than most episodes of RYM. Our guest this week is Russell Dinkins, a member of Princeton Class of 2013 and a professional runner for the New York Athletic Club. Russell is a 1:46 800 meter runner and multiple-time Heps champion, and he’s also been a vocal advocate on issues of race and racism, most recently as they pertain to the recent decision by Brown University to cut its men’s cross-country and track teams. You can read the university’s announcement here: Russell’s piece here: And David’s piece here: Hope you enjoy this episode and that it makes you think. Stay well, and stay in the loop!

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