Rod Cuddihy and Alex Flack

BNC 2021 WEEK 10!

BNC 2021 WEEK 10!

Was WEEK 10 the BIGGEST week in news for 2021? Yes…it absolutely was. But to coin a phrase from every footy commentator ever “Who takes home the chocolates?”. Was it Megan & Harry for the 2nd  week straight…the return of ‘Cancel Culture’…$1.2BILLION worth of ‘Half Price Flights’ for Aussies…or was it Joe Biden’s dog? Find out with Showdowns between Joe Biden's Dog VS Royals, Sam Armitage Quits VS Cam Smith Quits, Half Price Flights VS Covid Cough, Who Needs Enemies When You’ve Got Friends Like Kelly Slater VS Iconic Australia List, Big Foot VS Cancel Culture AND Piers Morgan Quits VS Cassette Death. But there can be only 1 BIG NEWS Champion…listen to hear who takes out BNC2021 10!

Duration: 1 hr 17 min

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