Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Our internal voice can be noisy. Learning to recognize our internal voice and take dominion over what it is allowed to say is a place of safety. Our world isn't safe or kind. However, we can always be kind to ourself and to others. This does not mean we are lazy, passive, or an excuse maker. It is quite the opposite; we will develop intentional awareness of our thinking patterns that drive our anxiety. If we have anxiety and no internal voice, we probably have stomach issues and other chronic aches and pains. Non-thinkers will need a safe place and safe people to help trace the breadcrumbs back to the lies they  believe that cause the intense feelings of anxiety. This does not mean we will never be anxious, it means we will observe our anxiety and develop the skills to move through it and enjoy our day. Follow along as we unravel emotion.

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