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Manifesting motivation from fear

Manifesting motivation from fear

Episode 19: In today's episode we're talking about how we can manifest motivation from fear. Just like Covid-19, we can chose to be scared or fearful of it. We can analyze why this is a thing that we should fear, in a healthy way. Yes, it is something that is happening to all of us. It is something that we’re all unfamiliar with. Yes, it is causing heartache and fear around the world. But one thing I can do is to educate myself about it. To learn more about previous pandemics in history to learn the peaks and valleys to each virus. Yes, each one are different, but through this time of fear in history came creative minds, poetry, art that we admire today. By turning on the news and watching it, I become competent in understanding what other people are going through to address my work or outlook. By equipping myself with the necessary skills to work at home, to make a new routine head on, I can develop the necessary skills to create a new normal - to become a functioning human being during this external circumstance. I can change my perspective of fear into motivation. 

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