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Black Lives Matter - A conversation with my friend, Jiselle.

Black Lives Matter - A conversation with my friend, Jiselle.

George Flloyd Memorial Fund: https://ca.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd. List of Bail Funds: https://bailfunds.github.io/ Toronto Black Youth Helpline: https://blackyouth.ca/ Register to VOTE. Content provided by - and discussion driven forward by - Jiselle Gilliard Jegousse. Today’s podcast episode is an important one. There is a lot going on in the world today. If you’re not already aware, last week George Flloyd, an unarmed 46 year old black man was murdered after a white police officer used his knee to pin Mr. Flloyd’s neck down to the ground for several minutes. This is overt racism that happened in broad daylight - by a white man in a position of power. This incident was videotaped, but it doesn’t mean that this type of oppressive, racist, outright murderous behaviour doesn’t occur against the black community on a daily basis across North America- because it does - this incident just happened to be videotaped. I’m joined today by a dear friend of mine, Jiselle, to talk about the current oppressive and racist acts that are happening against the black community in Canada and the United States. I’ve known Jiselle for ten years and I’m happy that we’re both here, as both a black female and a white female, to have a conversation about how white people and black, indigenous, and people of colour can talk to each other, and need to talk to each other, about what’s going on. Instagram Advocates to follow:  @nooneusesthis_ @Janayathefuture @chrissyford @tembae @nooneusesthis_ Television (recommended by @meaganforde): Chewing Gum (Netflix) Living Single (Prime) 2 Dope Queens (HBO) Film (recommended by @meaganforde): Do the right thing (Prime) Get Out (Netflix) Sorry to Bother You (Prime)

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