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Nora Brown - Road To Blue Ox

Nora Brown - Road To Blue Ox

In this episode Nate and Justin speak with Nora Brown from her home in Brooklyn.  The future of old-time banjo is in great hands with her.  We have the pleasure of giving an exclusive first listen to a single from the Henhouse Prowlers’ upcoming album, ‘The Departure’ to be released on March 28th!  Other news of the Blue Ox Music Festival is detailed herein.  It is with sadness that we also remember our friend Max Graham of the band Kind Country who passed recently.  Thanks for listening. Featured Music on this episode: Nora Brown: “Buck Creek Girls”, “Darling Cora”, “Jay Gould’s Daughter”. Kind Country: “Hard Times”. Henhouse Prowlers: “Short Branch Saloon”. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit: “If It Takes A Lifetime”. Pert Near Sandstone: “Stay All Night”. More Information on content from this episode: / / / / Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @pertnearsandstone, @blueoxmusicfestival We are interested to know what you would like to hear on future episodes and any helpful feedback.  Send a message to: Written by: Nate Sipe & Justin Bruhn.  Produced by: Pert Near Sandstone and The Blue Ox Music Festival.  Recorded and edited by: Nate Sipe. **Permission was obtained for all music used in this episode.

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