Ritual Of Perspective

1.7: I got a brand new pair of roller skates

1.7: I got a brand new pair of roller skates

Here in 2021 we’ve just emerged into spring, but in this episode it’s the week after Joe Biden has been declared president elect and we’re heading fast into the depths of winter. We’re a little less anxious then last week, but the big question of 2020 still looms: now what? How do we harness the energy of collective joy to get us through what comes next? What do we do when our immediate circumstances haven’t been radically altered by an election? We discuss hope as an evolutionary trait and how it can help us to embrace change. --- Hosts: Hana Kostis and Eliana Yoneda --- Find out more about our music at https://7layeroscillator.org --- Cover art by Monica Canilao. Check our her website at monicacanilao.com, or find her on Instagram at @__moreferalthan__ --- Sound mixing/mastering by De’Ron at @groovindaily productions

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