Ritual Of Perspective

1.11: perspective requires time

1.11: perspective requires time

For our season finale we bring you a mediation on time recorded deep in the darkness of the 2020 winter solstice. We try to visualize time and test the limits of its reality. We reflect on the process of making Ritual of Perspective and what we have learned as a result of maintaining the practice of showing up for each other and for this project. Thank you so much for listening to season one of ROP. We are grateful and humbled everyday knowing that these conversations live outside of us and can travel across the world and across time to reach you exactly where you’re at. If you want to learn more about astrology or get your chart read you can find Natasha Kealoha at https://www.natashakastrology.com --- Hosts: Hana Kostis (@gore.hound) and Eliana Yoneda (@eevolves) --- Find out more about our music at https://7layeroscillator.org --- Cover art by Monica Canilao. Check our her website at monicacanilao.com, or find her on Instagram at @__moreferalthan__ --- Sound mixing/mastering by De’Ron at @groovindaily productions

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