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012 | Mantra, Sound & Motherhood with Noelani Love

012 | Mantra, Sound & Motherhood with Noelani Love

When I imagine a woman fully empowered in her voice, I think of Noelani Love.   I first met Noelani in Hawaii when dear friend Erica Jago and I led a workshop at her studio.  Since then I've watched Noelani come more and more into her voice as a mantra singer, teacher and retreat leader.  I've seen Noelani go for her dreams, speak up for her needs and stand for her beliefs.  When we reunited in Bali, Indonesia last May for the Rising Women Leaders Bali Retreat, I wasn't even surprised when she took the floor at Ecstatic Dance at the Yoga Barn to sing the closing song with her ukulele.  I watched in amazement as she gathered over a hundred of us to sing along with her that day. On today's episode of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast, I asked Noelani if she would share about her experiences of finding her voice and how her unique experiences of motherhood and childbirth have shaped her into the woman she is today. In this episode you'll discover: Noelani's empowering experience of having a home birth  How she found her voice as a singer The vision she holds for new mamas and their babies Practices for tapping into more pleasure through sound Details about Noelani's upcoming album, Lakshmi Lullabies Links in this episode: Noelani's Indiegogo Campaign for her album, "Lakshmi Lullabies" Noelani's Shakti Sisterhood Bali Retreat Noelani's Jewelry Designs What did you take away from today's show?  and How will you add more pleasure to your life with sound?  I'd love to hear in the comments below. With love,  Meredith

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