Maxwell Black & Silvano D'Agostino

S02E02: Outrageous People Across All Nations Unite

S02E02: Outrageous People Across All Nations Unite

Our funniest episode yet. We can't wait to see what you do with it. Close Your Eyes, Take Your Eyelashes, and Pull Looking in the Mirror and Trying to Make Yourself Smile in a Natural Way Albert Einstein! You Also Were Advocating for Sharia Law in High School? Down Syndrome in Iceland There Was a Time When People Would Dress Like Billboards Signaling Theory Behavioral Sink They Do Bitcoin “Shit On Me” I Used to Whistle a Little Bit in Wisconsin The Winston Churchill of the Holocaust You’re Not Doing Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s Doing You We Don’t Need to Be Thinking About Death All The Time, But… There’s No cmd+z For Society Let’s Say You Ejaculate Into Horse Dung Sterile Joe I’ve Never Tasted Urine I Love My Thic Curvy ATP Holding on to the Very Few Things We Still Have That Make Us Human You Wanna See My Hologram? The Tim Ferris of Music @zebrascream@Silvano_D

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