Ep. 48 - James Chin Moody, Co-Founder and CEO at Sendle

Ep. 48 - James Chin Moody, Co-Founder and CEO at Sendle

In today’s episode we talk to James Chin Moody.James is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sendle. Sendle builds shipping that is good for the world. They help small businesses to thrive by making package delivery simple, reliable, and affordable and are they are the only 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery Service in Australia and the United States.Sendle are a fast-growing, multi-award-winning start-up, who’s vision is for a world where the friction of physical delivery has been removed so that the best ideas win and small businesses flourish.During our conversation with James we talk about the motivation behind the business idea and how they differentiate themselves from their competition. We also discuss how Sendle became the first 100% carbon neutral delivery company in both Australia and the US and how being sustainable is in the brand’s DNA. James speaks about the current packaging crisis we’re experiencing on the back of the pandemic and gives his advice to businesses looking to tackle this issue. We also hear about the business’s latest funding round which saw them finish with $45m and how they plan to use the funds. James tells us about why customer loyalty is so important to Sendle and what 2020 was like for the shipping company. And finally, James talks about what the future holds for Sendle.For more information on James or Sendle, please see the show notes for this episode. Thank you to our guest, James, for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODE:Click below to learn more about James and Sendle:SendleJames Chin Moody (LinkedIn)Sendle (LinkedIn)  Sendle (Instagram)Sendle (Facebook)

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