Ep. 43 - Nicole Liu, Founder of Kin Fertility

Ep. 43 - Nicole Liu, Founder of Kin Fertility

In today’s episode we talk to Nicole Liu, the Founder of Kin Fertility.Kin are Australia’s first subscription-based delivery service for the contraceptive pill. Essentially, they’ve taking what used to be a service where you had to take an hour or so out of your day for a two-minute consult with a doctor, all of that can now be done from the comfort of your couch. Their services don’t stop there – Kin also specialise in Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy and Postpartum…so really, they’re part of a women’s entire reproductive journey.During our conversation with Nicole, we discuss:The motivation behind the creation of Kin and how the new patient process works;Why customers are taking their reproductive journey into their own hands and choosing Kin over visiting their GP;How Kin chose their specialist medical team of practitioners;The stigma attached to women’s reproductive health and how Kin are normalising this conversation;And, finally, what the future holds for Kin.A big thank you to Nicole for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEClick below to learn more about Nicole and Kin Fertility:Kin FertilityNicole Liu (LinkedIn)Kin Fertility (LinkedIn)  Kin Fertility (Instagram)Kin Fertility (Facebook)

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