Josephine Atluri

Responding to Life: Talking Health, Fertility and Parenthood

Need help navigating the curveballs that life throws at you?

Need help navigating the curveballs that life throws at you? "Responding to Life: Talking Health, Fertility, and Parenthood," shares stories of people who put mind over matter to overcome whatever hardships come their way. Host, Josephine Atluri, is an infertility advocate and writer, meditation and mindfulness coach, and mom boss. Throughout Josephine’s experiences with miscarriages, international adoption, IVF treatments, and surrogacy, she maintained unyielding perseverance and is now the proud mother of five! On the podcast, Josephine and her special guests share their stories and expertise on topics ranging from infertility, parenting, meditation, and various health and wellness issues. This podcast will equip you with the tools to deal with life’s challenges in a mindful manner and inspire you to approach life courageously and authentically. For more information on Josephine Atluri's private meditation sessions and fertility workshops, please visit and follow her on Instagram at @josephineratluri and @respondingtolifepodcast

Episodes: 71


How to Heal After Loss

Duration: 56 min

How to Honor Unique Paths to Parenthood

Duration: 44 min

How to Prioritize Yourself

Duration: 35 min

How to Choose Your Mindset

Duration: 33 min

Holiday Meditation with Josephine Atluri

Duration: 14 min

Recovery & Growth with Nikki Spo

Duration: 39 min

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