Recovery Champions with Bill Whitney and Catherine Rosborough

Recovery Champions with Bill Whitney and Catherine Rosborough

The impact of addiction is devastating our families and our communities.  Learn the story of Catherine Rosborough and Bill Whitney, both in long-term recovery and now a married couple, and how they eventually found hope, healing and meaning in their lives.The two are both champions in the recovery movement where they live, in Forsyth County Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta). Catherine is the founder of the Recovery Community Foundation of Forsyth (RCFF) and The Connection, an addiction recovery support center.  Learn more about how these grassroots organizations called Recovery Community Organizations or RCOs (there are 16 RCOs in Georgia, supported through state funding) are helping fuel recovery in their respective communities.To learn more about The Connection:  www.theconnectionforsyth.orgTo learn more about Rena Olsen, the host of the Relevate Podcast:  www.rena-olsen.comP.S. A note from Rena...It has been a tough week for those of us who serve people in recovery in the north metro Atlanta area, as we lost yet another one of our young men to overdose. This one hurts deeply because he was an exceptional person from a beautiful and loving family. In recording the closing for this episode, I wept big tears for my young friend and his family. I almost re-recorded the message, but then again decided to keep it exactly as it is...Raw, emotional, difficult to hear. It's time we all let down our guards and started standing up and fighting for those who struggle...and their families. 

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