Overcomer with Judge Kathy Schrader

Overcomer with Judge Kathy Schrader

"You can choose to be an overcomer or chose to be overcome."                        - Judge Kathryn SchraderAt the moment of Kathryn's birth, forceps were needed to complete the delivery from her mother's womb—the procedure subsequently and permanently damaged her tiny facial nerve. Differentiated since birth, life for Kathy McCart Schrader has at times been challenging.Rather than hold her back, these challenges eventually strengthened Kathryn Schrader into the tough yet fair attorney and judge that she is today. And to live a full and richly blessed life as a wife, mother and public servant.A relentless defender of the broken and hurting, listen in to learn more from her perspective from the bench and how life challenges continue to mold Judge Schrader into the person she is today.To learn more about Kathy: learn more about Rena Olsen, your host of the Relevate Podcast:  www.rena-olsen.comThank you for listening and subscribing to the Relevate Podcast!  To connect with Rena on Instagram:

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