Beacon of Hope with Jen Hidinger-Kendrick

Beacon of Hope with Jen Hidinger-Kendrick

In this hope-filled episode, learn how Jen Hidinger-Kendrick turned heartbreak into hope after her husband, Ryan, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.  Jen and Ryan-along with a legion of friends, loved ones and leaders from the Atlanta restaurant community-united to bring one of Atlanta's most innovative restaurant concepts to life, Staplehouse, along with its nonprofit sister organization, Giving Kitchen. Jen’s story is also about the power of community, the Atlanta food service community to be exact, and what is possible when we all come together in love and service to one another...and the promise that love can live again.To learn more about Giving Kitchen: learn more about your host of the Relevate Podcast: With this episode, there is also an unedited video of Rena's conversation with Jen.  Watch it here: "We are a tight family. We do what we do because we love it. Creating and serving, while making people happy with food and drink is our love. Our other love is taking care of others. The mission of Staplehouse restaurant, outside of doing we we love to do, is to give back."- Ryan Hidinger

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