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Protecting and Committing to the Presence of the Lord

Protecting and Committing to the Presence of the Lord

Protecting the Presence  As you are engaged at work, in a conversation, involved in a complex task that must be completed (driving a car, performing brain surgery or landing an airplane, for example), simply acknowledge His Presence and put a “tent” of protection over it. Draw back from conversation as much as possible, and be ready to make plans to accommodate His Presence. By doing so you honor His Presence, rather than ignoring or pushing it away, as well as planning for giving it attention at a later time. It is crucial that this commitment be honored; at the earliest possible opportunity follow the 8 steps to engage in the Lord’s purposes for that time. For situations less critical, but where your actions may be misinterpreted or offensive (say you’re at your boss’s home for dinner and the Lord draws your attention to Himself), protect His Presence by drawing back from your conversation as much as possible; don’t put everything you’ve got into the conversation; reserve some of yourself to protect His presence. Then as soon as you get in your car, follow the above outline. Unexpected Reaction to Situation or Person  The Lord doesn’t just work with us supernaturally when we are alone. Another manifestation of the supernatural is an unexpected reaction to a situation or person. This reaction can be either negatively- or positively-oriented, alarming or assuring, or even neutral, just getting your attention to His drawing regarding the situation. For instance, say you are in a meeting at work, and you find yourself somehow separate from what is being said (besides falling asleep and/or daydreaming). Or talking on the phone, or in a class, or pulling up to a red light. The Lord draws your attention to the student on your right, or the classroom itself, or the traffic in front of you. How do you respond? The same way as we've discussed.

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