Kelly Anneken & Molly Sanchez

Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 16: Routine Hematoma

Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 16: Routine Hematoma

Kelly & Molly take a ride on the Magic School Bush in their recap of The Handmaid's Tale S2E6. The new all-time upsettingness champion of the series prompts the gals to wonder where women would be if we stopped being afraid of each other, make a lot of Rambo references, invent Babbl (Gilead's search engine), call out Max Minghella's terrible acting, talk prison boyfriends and Hary Potter wands, make fun of Fred's pregnancy pillow, reveal the secret of Eden's Easy-Bake oven, and celebrate the return of Shannon. It's so helpful when you review Red All Over on Apple Podcasts, join the convo on Facebook, and recommend us to other fans of Hulu's adaptation of this Margaret Atwood classic, so please keep up the good work! See for privacy and opt-out information.

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