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[PODCAST] Focus & Clarity: An Important Message From Recruitamentary.

[PODCAST] Focus & Clarity: An Important Message From Recruitamentary.

As the purpose of this series content and featured guests is 100% focused on bettering your #career #goals and #resources, the recent upheaval and turmoil of everyone’s day to day lives due to the unexpected #worldwide current events has taken the originally planned content aside for today’s episode instead.  Featuring a piece that was originally submitted for consideration on the Anxiety About #Anxiety Podcast, The overall underlying message, focus and narrative of the #contribution was so heartfelt and impactful, that it felt wasted to not be able to share to the listeners, and audience here as well.  Losing #mentalfocus and clarity of purpose can be something candidates face when trying to land their next amazing #opportunity or what #hiring staff and managers face when seeking out their next unicorn, the following you are about to hear is the calm and clarity in a world that is seemingly disjointed, fragmented, perhaps even hopeless for some. In this time of need, if you are able to, please consider donating your time, resource, or finically to organizations that are in desperate need of your support. If you are local to the Central Florida area, Please consider donating food to the Central Florida Food Bank. The recent health pandemic has drastically reduced available blood supplies, donate blood where safe, and where possible.    Support local businesses that are fighting to stay open by supporting to go orders or buying gift cards or vouchers - many businesses are on financial life support as it is and will be forced to close due to the overwhelming overhead and lack of business at this time.    At the very least, tip, be kind to those who are working, delivering, patrolling your cities and your homes, caring for your children, your elderly and your loved ones - many of them are doing their duty and physically putting their wellbeing on the line, now more than ever.    Otherwise, please visit  to donate towards the Coronavirus Relief Fund - donations will make an immediate and lasting positive impact during one of the most challenging times we have collectively faced in our lifetime. You can also donate to UNICEF to keep children healthy and safe during this global health emergency. Learn more about the work UNICEF is doing @ Thank you all for your time and support. Follow us on social media! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Questions? Comments? Ideas? Want to be a guest on the show? Email us! Subscribe to Recruitamentary on Soundwise

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