Mike S. Interview - Part 1 - Tragedy

Mike S. Interview - Part 1 - Tragedy

Please join me for this very special episode and my very first interview episode. On today's show, I talk with Mike S. who has one of the most incredible recovery journeys I've heard. In fact, its so amazing that I decided to break the interview into 2 episodes - Tragedy and Triumph. On today's episode you will hear the tragedy portion and next week you will hear Mike's triumphs. The only way I can describe this story is to say it's incredible, unbelievable, and inspiring. A real rock bottom to top of the mountain journey. If you are struggling with anything in life then you will want to listen. Or if you just want to hear an entertaining and inspiring story, you will want to listen.Also, if you'd like to join my new 30 Day Sobriety Challenge, please feel free to reach out to me at the contact listed below.Contact:Email: Jareth@recoveryroadpodcast.comInstagram: RecoveryroadpodcastFacebook: Recoveryroadpodcast

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