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Ep 040: Bunmi Aboaba - The Sober Advantage

Ep 040: Bunmi Aboaba - The Sober Advantage

Bunmi Aboaba taps into powerful energy sources to help those in recovery get their body's natural systems synchronized and healthy again. She uses energy healing to get your body back into a healthy blueprint. She states that "By looking into and working on someone's biology, psychology, social and spiritual life, it becomes a way of boosting the positive impact I can make on the client's own sobriety journey - and on their life as a whole." Bunmi helps clients deal with day to day triggers and pitfalls which would otherwise cause them to relapse. Working with “energy healing tools” to support their sobriety journey and even utilizing blood tests to advise and support them in their diet, her strategies help strengthen their constitution for their new life ahead. Entrepreneurs and professionals lead very busy lives and the reality is they don't want to spend weeks in rehab or attend AA. Bunmi's personalized style of coaching and companionship fit snuggly around their schedules. Being an expert by experience, Bunmi is also featured in a new book, "How She Did It" which maps her journey from several stints in rehab to turning her life around and paying it forward after 10 years of Sober living. Website: http://www.thesoberadvantage.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bunmiaboaba/ Email: bunmi@thesoberadvantage.com More info: https://recoveryinnovatorsradio.com Show Sponsors: http://DigitalMarketingDFY.com - Get your marketing done-for-you so you can focus on the important things. http://HassleFreeBooks.com - Get your book published today! It's easy and affordable. -- Recovery Innovators Radio is to here to help you turn your addiction recovery challenges and failures into successes and freedom from everything that’s keeping you from living the life you deserve. I check in with innovative experts and individuals in the recovery industry, related fields or just “regular folks” who have had some incredible experiences so we can hear directly from them what is working today for addicts in recovery, for their families and their friends. I also want this to be a learning tool for professionals in the recovery field, a place where ideas can be nurtured and spread, where networking and education can help addiction treatment become more effective all the time. Thanks for listening! James Healy -- Intro Music: Big Funk Diving Club by soundroll https://audiojungle.net/item/big-funk-diving-club/13548188 Outro Music: Larger Than Life by pinkzebra https://audiojungle.net/item/larger-than-life/5454003

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