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Religious Freedom in Australia

Religious Freedom in Australia

Prior to the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, the issue of religious freedom in Australia was one of the leading items on the government's legislative agenda and the subject of often intense media scrutiny and public debate.  In seeking to reform the laws around religious freedom, the government, in the words of the latest explanatory notes to the draft bill, is aiming to ensure that "all people are able to hold and manifest their faith, or lack thereof, in public without interference or intimidation." No doubt this issue will again feature prominently once government returns to normal business, so in the meantime, we wanted to launch our new podcast by going through the basics of this issue, and why it is so important to the Australian way of life.  Joining me to discuss this issue is Peter Wertheim, who has been representing the Jewish community in a diverse coalition of religious groups that have been consulting with government on this issue, and who is also my co-Chief Executive Officer at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

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