Chill Out the Right FCKN Way with Staci Benaroya

Chill Out the Right FCKN Way with Staci Benaroya

On this week’s episode of RFT Brenna is over the moon ‘cause she gets to chat with Staci Benaroya, a Modern Psychodynamic Therapist based in NYC. Not only are Brenna and Staci passionate about all things boundaries and breaking down anxiety but they also take great pride in learning how to chill the FCK out- something that takes a lot more work than you think. Only the best chicks have mouths like sailors, and Staci is every millennials’ fairy FCKN godmother with her Chill the F*ck Out Guide, available for FREE on her Instagram! Leave it to Staci to teach you how to “Be like the instagram influencer you wanna hate but are actually super jealous of and admire the f-k out of. ” Instagram: @thenyctherapist @quarterlifecompanion ***DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this podcast is to start normalizing discussions about mental health. Although there can be advice given and ideas shared between interviewer and interviewees, please consult your own therapist/doctor in regards to your personal struggles. The information shared on this platform is strictly to open the door to these types of conversations, NOT to give any one person direct advice/guidance. Opinions stated are personal and not necessarily factual at all times.*** --- Support this podcast:

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