Almost FCKN 30 part 2 with Lindsey Simcik

Almost FCKN 30 part 2 with Lindsey Simcik

On this week’s episode of RFT, Brenna is over the moon to chat with “proud mama” Lindsey Simcik. Not only is this badass FCKER known for her incredible Almost 30 Podcast (hello top 50) discussing the intricate life transitions all women face but she has been a huge mentor, supporter and advocate for the Real FCKN Talk journey. If it wasn’t for Lindsey and her cohost Krista, RFT wouldn’t be where it is today (and we wouldn’t have all you FCKRS to be there with us along the way, which sucks, because we love the hell out of the you). Lindsey is all things beautiful, smart and introspective and her open-minded take on life and vulnerabilities will leave you feeling more understood than ever. If you haven’t already (you probably have), check Lindsey and Krista out and all the wonderful insight they have to offer. Instagram: @lindseysimcik @almost30podcast Website: --- Support this podcast:

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