Call of Duty Tier List

Call of Duty Tier List

Twitter.com/iRaange Youtube.com/akaRange Twitch.tv/iRangee The first instalment of the podcast is me telling you what I believe what is and isn’t good about each individual Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare.*** I forgot to add in Ghosts but I’ll put my notes here! I placed it above the New Modern Warfare and below the old Modern Warfare. “I’m an advocate of ghosts, of course there were some large issues with the game, the guns feeling very same-y, dull colour scheme and big maps but the hit detection, netcode and the flow of games when playing an Objective based gamemode were all brilliant whilst also offering a similar yet different experience in extinction, this gamemode was very hit and miss for people and personally I find it average at best. Competitive is where this game shined, if you watch tournaments of people playing it’s easy to see why this games competitive scene kept people involved with this game despite losing the casual fanbase”

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