Tracy Chutorian Semler and Eric Semler

SABRINA ICON-escu: Becoming the College GOAT

SABRINA ICON-escu: Becoming the College GOAT

She’s simply the best. The best college player, male or female, of all time. Mentored by Kobe and shattered by his loss. Setting records perhaps never to be broken. And while this is a thrill for her parents, none of it is shocking. Hear the detailed story of how Sabrina set her sights on greatness from the earliest age; how she competed fearlessly in face of bigger, older and stronger male players; how she and her twin brother hustled unsuspecting competitors for treat money in the park; how she learned to use mental fortitude to overcome stronger opponents; and how the late Kobe, whom she still texts from time to time, helped her to find that “one missing piece” for greatness.

Duration: 58 min

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