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Episode 253

Episode 253

Gregg’s Guide to New Music: Episode 253 Gregg highly recommends checking out and supporting the following bands and musicians. Links to find more from them, and to purchase their music are posted below. Black Waters – https://blackwatersuk.bandcamp.com/, https://www.musicglue.com/blackwaters/ facebook.com/BlackWatersUK/ The Reytons – https://thereytons.com/ facebook.com/TheReytons/ Dead Favours – http://deadfavours.com/ facebook.com/deadfavoursband/ Halogens – https://halogensnj.bandcamp.com/ facebook.com/HalogensNJ/ Stuck Out Here – https://stuckouthere.bandcamp.com/ facebook.com/stuckouthere/ Russian Girlfriends – https://russiangirlfriends.bandcamp.com/ facebook.com/RussianGirlfriends/ Aboriginals – https://aboriginals.bandcamp.com/ facebook.com/aboriginals/ Cleveland Ave – https://clevelandavenue.bandcamp.com/ facebook.com/ClevelanAvenueIL/ Cover of the Week MXPX https://mxpx.com/ facebook.com/MxPxPx/ Ballyhoo! – https://www.ballyhoorocks.com/ facebook.com/ballyhoo/

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