EP 5: The Shelves Are Empty and The Schools Are Closed-Fresno and the Corona Virus

EP 5: The Shelves Are Empty and The Schools Are Closed-Fresno and the Corona Virus

Yesterday, March 13th, 2020, marked the closure of all schools, colleges, and universities in Fresno, CA due to the Corona virus. FUSD shut down classes through mid-April at the earliest. Fresno State switched to online classes (news links in caption on South of Shaw Media's channel on It also marked a city-wide shopping frenzy that resulted in empty shelves in many stores across Fresno. Listen to Radio Free Fresno's host as she sips on 4 loko, tokes, and talks why NOW is the time for mutual aid and compassion!  Four Thieves Vinegar collective and their guide to living through the corona virus: Main site: PDF for free download: Si no tienes insurancia ni papeles, todavia puedes ir a Clinica Sierra Vista. Alli, no importa si no tienes dinero ni papales. Es “sliding scale” para pagar, y so no tienes dinero, mucho veces no te cobran. Schools closed: Fresno Jails Shut Down In Person and Video Conferencing Visitations for Inmates: SOS Media post on Fresno County Jail Mumps Outbreak earlier in 2020: Bolsonaro and Conflicting Reports Regarding his Corona Virus Test Results: The reality of the situation then dawned on the people of Fresno and by 8 pm, the store shelves were emptied across Fresno, from Wal-Mart to the Mini-Marts, of toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, cough and cold medicine, bleach, and other goods. What we can do is keep each other healthy—not just ourselves. If someone needs cough medicine, and you have a stash of 10 bottles in your cupboard from frenzy shopping, consider giving them some cough medicine. Remember, we live in a herd, and it behooves us to keep the entire herd healthy. Now is the time to practice mutual aid!    Support Radio Free Fresno~ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

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