Bless This Podcast, Santa Muerte (short intro/trailer)

Bless This Podcast, Santa Muerte (short intro/trailer)

Welcome to Radio Free Fresno, coming to you from the South of Shaw! In this episode, we're blessing our podcast by discussing the background of La Santisima Muerte, Santa Muerte, La Nina Blanca, Saint Death. She was originally for anyone, and was especially adored by those who were excluded from the Catholic church in Mexico. She has worldwide popularity, and I will be discussing her origin story before giving a brief overview of the aim of this podcast!  *South of Shaw refers to an academically researched and statistically proven race and class divide in Fresno, CA. North of Shaw avenue is predominantly affluent. South of Shaw avenue is predominantly low income, with many of us being from communities of color. We are the "wrong side of the tracks", so to speak. However, despite our bad rap, South of Shaw is vibrant and cultured with the best taco trucks and Pho shops in town.  Below is a quick link for more info on this divide. Radio Free Fresno is a take on Radio Free Albemuth, a novel by science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick! A message from the underground to spotlight different issues from a "South of Shaw" perspective. More on encroaching gentrification in Fresno, CA: Info about South of Shaw Media Art Collective can be found on our website! Like us on facebook for local news and blog posts! --- Support this podcast:

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