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"The Catalonia Question" feat. Professor Lawson Bowling 10/11/17

"The Catalonia Question" feat. Professor Lawson Bowling 10/11/17

Tonight we welcome back Professor Lawson Bowling. Professor Bowling was my History professor and an adviser at Manhattanville College, where he is tenured over 30 years. A man who takes a sober look at most issues, I would love to jump all around the world, including Catalonia. It's a relevant subject of debate that is being drowned out by all sorts of chaos, but I do believe there is an American interest story in the Catalan push for independence. Also, Yankees play a big game Five in Cleveland tonight, and I laughed hysterically at the footage of this Miami Dolphins coach snorting coke. I couldn't stop laughing. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/A4xR3AyPTp0 Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip: www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive

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