Dan Benjamin

55: You Can't Fix The Weather

55: You Can't Fix The Weather

Dan is joined by Andy McMillan to talk about The Manual, XOXO Fest, and things you have no control over. Links for this episode:Kind of Screwed - Waxy.orgKind of Bloop: An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis' Kind of BlueWhy Andy Baio’s ‘Kind of Bloop’ Copyright Case Shouldn’t Dissuade Fair Use | Mediashift | PBSAndy Baio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPanic - Shockingly Good Software.The ManualGood On PaperAndy McMillan (andymcmillan) | TwitterXOXO · XOXO 2014Death, failure, and all of the other stuff the tech industry won't talk aboutQcut : Denim that FitsThe ManualThe Manual, Everywhere by Andy McMillan — KickstarterSponsored by Casper (Use code XOXO for $50 towards your purchase of a comfy new mattress), Varonis DatAnywhere (Try turning your own network shares into a private cloud free for 30 days with an unlimited amount of users and if you visit www.varonis.com/quit you get 5 users free forever), and Squarespace (use code QUIT for a free trial and 10% off your brand new website).

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