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Episode 11 - Robert Morton

Episode 11 - Robert Morton

In this episode of Quick Sixer ya boys had on the delightful Rob Morton. We ended up going so long that we had to chop the episode in two so there will indeed be a .5 coming your way. Below is the description of episode 11 & 11.5 so you know what your getting yourself into.  First of all the beer of choice was Magic Hat #9 per Rob We ended up talking about a lot of stuff in these episodes. We chatted about New York, Rob & Drew's work history, a 24hr film festival winner they worked on called Lie In Wait, Los Angeles and how we feel about it. We also shared quite a few personal stories including one with sasquatch feet and another involving a naked lady in Budstuy.  These episodes were really fun and Rob's a great dude. Check him out at @Robert_Morton Check your boys out all the time on Periscope, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and all that stuff. @pat_artus @drewpaslay @quicksixercast Email us at Quicksixerpodcast@gmail.com with all your questions, concerns, topic suggestions, and anything else. Don't forget to check us out on iTunes and Android stores everywhere. Rate, Subscribe, Comment, and let us know how you feel. Cheers! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/quick-sixer-podcast/id1051104724?mt=2

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