Episode 132 - Mrs Bandito FPV

Episode 132 - Mrs Bandito FPV

On this episode, we welcome yet another female FPV pilot onto the show (because it's female fpv pilot month) and tonight, Belinda Quiroz aka "Mrs Bandito FPV" is in the house. BeLinda is a wing pilot based in Lubbock, Texas and she is full of stories - Like when she was enlisted in the United States NAVY and was on maneuvers in the Persain Gulf when the USS Stark took a direct hit from an Iraqi missile - And the time she was working for the Sheriff's office in Waco, TX when things went south. One things for sure though, BeLinda is a talented up-and-coming wing pilot and an all around great person. Please visit our sponsor here: WWW.FURIOUSFPV.COM

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