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Ep. 74: I Get Interviewed by Rick Alexander

Ep. 74: I Get Interviewed by Rick Alexander

Recently in my meditation and contemplation, I’ve really felt the need to share part of my story on the show. I’ve had the idea for someone to interview me on the show for a while now. But I really wanted to make sure that whoever came on the show to interview me, that challenges me to be a better person. And what better person to have asked me questions about my past and my journey than Rick Alexander. Not only has he been a former guest on the show in its early release, but Rick has also been one of the people in my life whom I deeply respect and resonate with.    This week, Rick Alexander, host of Morning Coffee, sits down and asks me to share parts of my journey that I haven’t shared on the show before. This special episode is one that is very near and dear to me as I get 100% honest and transparent about where I am at in life and how I have gotten to this place of acceptance and gratitude. Tune in to hear about my transformation and the pivotal moments in my life that helped shape who I am today. Topics Discussed: The pivotal moment that gave me the clarity and direction for my life  How to view your past with acceptance and gratitude  The book that changed the course of my life Why spiritual practices are essential to your mental health  ---  Connect with Rick Alexander Instagram:  Podcast: Resource(s)  Ambitious Heroes and Heartache - Burn Your Couch - Monday Meditation - 12- Week Course for Self-Discovery & Self-Mastery -  Audio Lesson -    Connect with Mark Crandall Join the exclusive Purpose Chasers ® Facebook group for unreleased content, interviews, live coaching, not to mention the epic community supporting, encouraging, and challenging each other to fulfill their dreams. Why should you join? Because I want to watch you achieve your goals and highlight you to the Purpose Chasers ® Community!  Connect on Social  Website: Facebook Page: Instagram: Resources Embrace Your Past, Win Your Future  -“The difference between being a victim and playing one” - Mark Crandall

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