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Raccoons Are Very Intelligent Creatures

Raccoons Are Very Intelligent Creatures

Summer in New York means Free Shakespeare in the Park, The Public's founding tradition. We spoke with a trio of production managers at The Public who gave us all the scoop about what it takes to make theater outside in the summer, how to handle visits by raccoons and rain, and what makes the Delacorte special.  Plus: some important Central Park history and a visit to The Line on the last weekend of this summer's Much Ado About Nothing. Episode music by Michael Friedman Audio engineering by Dani Lencioni Hosted by Drew Broussard and Reynaldi Lindner-Lolong Featuring Cristina Ayon-Viesca, Karina Mena, Caity Joy Smith, Barry Stagg, and guests of Shakespeare in the Park!

Duration: 25 min

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