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#24: Live at RPM Fest 2018

#24: Live at RPM Fest 2018

We're live from RPM Fest 2018! We've got the usual Promotorhead crew, plus members of Jeopardy, Drive-By Bukkake, Bellower, Goblet, The Beast of Nod, and Black Absence joining in at random. Strap in for an absolutely chaotic episode full of beer thievery, foot massages, too many Saccos, not bonfires, and more. Plus, all tracks this month are live performances from RPM Fest 2018! Subscribe for just $1/month at for early episodes and exclusive content. Playlist: 1. Aversed - "Laboratory" 2. Incite - "No Remorse" 3. Tombs - "Black Sun Horizon" 4. Child Bite - "Abysmal Splatter" 5. Epicenter - "The Wolves" 6. Cazador - "Comey" 7. Smash Potater - "Fools of the Trade" 8. Heavy Temple - "Key and Bone" 9. Acid Witch - "Black Witch". All tracks recorded live at RPM Fest 2018. All tracks mixed and mastered by Anthony Medaglia at Sonic Titan Studios.

Duration: 2 hr 9 min

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