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#23: Gravibong

#23: Gravibong

Celseigh and Sonic Pulse bring us murder ballads and power thrash this episode as we talk Spotify, monetizing your music, recording techniques, dogs and moonshine, movies, jukebox-bombing, side projects, extreme music as a sport, and shout outs to local bands. Subscribe for just $1/month at for an extended episode with pet eels and chinchillas, totaling cars, drunk bandmates, cop problems, and staring contests. Playlist: 1. Celseigh – "Buried Wounds" 2. Celseigh – "Cemetary Road" 3. Sonic Pulse – "Resinator" 4. Sonic Pulse – "First Contact High" 5. Celseigh – "Weatherman". Celseigh tracks performed live at Sonic Titan Studios, recorded and mixed by Anthony Medaglia.

Duration: 2 hr 33 min

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