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#21: Hidden Rabbit

#21: Hidden Rabbit

Gulow and Joe return after long absences to talk Lich King road adventures, moving to Poland, new releases and tours from Graviton and Begat The Nephilim, RPM Fest tickets, and upcoming Promotorhead shows for the month of July. Yes, we skipped Episode 20 - coming soon! Subscribe at for bonus content, extended episodes, and more! Playlist: Intro: 1. Chuggernaut - Control Burn 2. OroborO - Demogorgon 3. Graviton - Shattered Repose 4. Begat The Nephilim - Cardboard Casket 5. Medicated Savage - Crutch 6. Upheaval - Abyss

Duration: 1 hr 24 min

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