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#17: You Wanna Braid My Mullet?

#17: You Wanna Braid My Mullet?

The Big Sway and Vilanvs join us this episode to shred some tunes live in the studio and to talk Godsmack-related incidents, how not to get stabbed by a stage intruder, and braiding Uncle Max's mullet. Subscribe at for an extended version of this episode with some goofy bonus chat and two more tracks! Playlist: Intro: The Big Sway - Gun Fun (in Rifle City) 1. Vilanvs - Virginia is for Lovers, Not Nazis 2. The Big Sway - The Wolves 3. Vilanvs - Fences in Syria / Octagon 4. The Big Sway - Dexterity. All tracks recorded live and mixed/mastered at Sonic Titan Studios.

Duration: 1 hr 31 min

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