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Say Yes (with Elizabeth Gilbert)

Say Yes (with Elizabeth Gilbert)

 On this episode of Professional Troublemaker, Luvvie is in conversation with  Elizabeth Gilbert for her Onward Book Club that she holds each month on her Instagram Live. Elizabeth created the Onward Book Club as a way of spotlighting, studying, and celebrating the work of Black female authors, and Luvvie was honored to be her guest in April as Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual was spotlighted. Elizabeth and Luvvie have a wide-ranging conversation, featuring some stories that hadn't been told yet on the Professional Troublemaker Tour. They talk about Luvvie's grandmother and her story in more detail, and why her story and spirit are so integral to the book, drawing boundaries around what is sacred, why Liz and Luvvie mutually don’t believe in the concept of fearlessness.  You'll also get some behind-the-scenes stories from Luvvie's TED talk and a really great moment where they discuss dreaming audaciously and what that looks like.****Follow @Luvvie everywhere – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Check out her New York Times best-selling book I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do-Better Manual! And be sure to order PROFESSIONAL TROUBLEMAKER: The Fear Fighter Manual, Luvvie’s second book, wherever books are sold.Have thoughts about the episode? Share on social media using the hashtag #ProfessionalTroublemaker. Also, follow the podcast on Instagram! Email with feedback or questions!

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