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The Danger of Value-Neutral Parenting

The Danger of Value-Neutral Parenting

This episode is focused on what happens when children are raised without learning values. Values can seem outdated, but the research is clear that values are central to raising children who will mature into adults that are ready to take on all of life's challenges and joys. Values are what we use to understand situations, choose our actions and evaluate our responses. Without values, these processes are at the mercy of our mood, feelings, and what other people around us are doing.Children need values to help them learn how to interpret the world around them. They have limited life experience, so values become an important parenting tool to help us guide our little ones in making good decisions that match with what we believe as a family. When we only teach behaviours, rather than the values behind those behaviours, our children can never really understand why something is right or wrong. Values is what gives our behavioural expectations meaning.The use of limits and discipline is central to teaching values and should be started early. The earlier we begin to teach our kiddos about values, the better and more profoundly they will learn them. As with all things in Proactive Parenting, it is never too early to start!Just to let you know, for the duration of the Proactive Parenting podcast launch, I will be releasing two episodes a week instead of my normal weekly release schedule. I hope you enjoy the extra episodes.Proactive Parenting is based on validated theories and scientific research to provide the information you need to care for your modern family. Not everyone grew up in a completely healthy family of origin and consequently may be unsure of how to be a parent when they start a family. Proactive Parenting was created for parents who need a solid foundation to start raising their children, and for parents who want to do better. It is a way to move past old behaviours, break unhealthy habits, and replace them with parenting actions that will lead to a healthy family life for both children and parents.If you want to learn more about Proactive Parenting, please visit my webpage and social media sites:Website: www.proactiveparenting.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/deannamariemasonInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.deannamariemason/Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeannaM_Mason

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