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Primary Care Perspectives: Episode 125 - Emergency Room or Not?

Primary Care Perspectives: Episode 125 - Emergency Room or Not?

Parents worry when a child hits their head. This podcast will help inform the important decisions you need to make as a primary care provider, including whether to send them to the emergency room. Daniel Corwin, MD, MSCE, an emergency medicine physician and researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses acute (less than 24 hours) head trauma in otherwise healthy children, reviewing: the 6 criteria for each age group; why criteria for children younger than 2 are different (and the reassuring research behind the criteria); severe injury mechanisms; how to advise parents about keeping the child awake and what to watch for; the 9 features of the visio-vestibular exam; changes in concussion management and “return to normal” criteria; when to refer to a concussion specialist; and more. This podcast is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not to be considered as medical advice for any particular patient. Clinicians must rely on their own informed clinical judgment in making recommendations to their patients. ©2022 by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, all rights reserved.

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