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9. Side Hustle Your Way to the Life You Want | Hannah Oreskovich, @BlondOnTheRun on the Future of Work, Blockchain Tech, and Instagram Success

9. Side Hustle Your Way to the Life You Want | Hannah Oreskovich, @BlondOnTheRun on the Future of Work, Blockchain Tech, and Instagram Success

#9: A majority of the working population, around 70%, are disengaged from their job.  Hannah Oreskovich is a freelance marketing and communications consultant, the founder of Denver's BolderBeat music blog, and an entrepreneur. She's a great example of someone who was tired of settling and side hustled her way to the life she wanted. Hannah specializes in public relations, event marketing, and brand strategy for clients in the music and technology sectors. She has been published by VICE News for her research on blockchain technology, and enjoys photographing shows at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre when she's not traveling the globe. She describes how and why she started BolderBeat, a local Colorado music blog as her side hustle while she worked at a job she was disengaged at.  We talk about what exactly Blockchain technology is and why she’s passionate about her marketing/communications career within this space.  @BlondOnTheRun is Hannah's Travel/Digital Nomad/ Adventure account on Instagram. She shares her philosophy on how to be successful with posting & creating content. I wish that we could all find the self-awareness to be able to identify what aligns with our interests & passions - and then go after THAT. I'm still figuring it out myself, but at least now I can say I am fulfilled with what I'm up to because of THIS podcast. I am having so much fun doing this, far beyond what I thought was possible. <3  Other topics we discuss include: Digital Nomading Moonlighting/Side Hustling The Future of Work Freedom & Flexibility Are Top Priorities for Millenials and Younger Generations Blockchain Tech Explained Self Care Preventing Burn Out Taking the Leap (Leaving the job you hate) Instagram Influencers How to Add Value With Your Content Work in Line with Your Interests & Passions Women in Tech   To connect with Hannah Oreskovich, click HERE To connect with Leyla Sarper (host), click HERE   Don’t forget to subscribe to the show so you can see when the next episode is posted! If you enjoyed this episode, please share with a friend who may also get value from it. And finally, please leave a review and let us know what you liked or any valuable takeaways you left with.   Thank you for your precious time! Xo Leyla

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