Ep. 90 - Potterless Look Back I (Eps. 1-6)

Ep. 90 - Potterless Look Back I (Eps. 1-6)

Call me Marty McFly and your phone a DeLorean, because we're going BACK IN TIME! The guests from the first 6 eps of Potterless return to cover all the things Mike missed, all the spoilers that were dodged, and everything else that stood out. Topics include fixing quidditch, netball, Harry’s memories, janky audio setups, LINEN RECTANGLES, and more!   Thanks to our sponsors! DoorDash: Get $5 off your order of $15+ with code "POTTERLESS" Calm: Get 25% off Calm Premium at   Thanks for listening! For more information on the show, visit! You can find us at,, and If you’d like bonus content and/or EXCLUSIVE MERCH, head on over to and for other merch, check out As always, Wizard On! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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