Jake Roberson

Logan (and Better Call Saul)

Logan (and Better Call Saul)

Fanboy and Know-It-All break down why "Logan" is not only the best X-Men movie ever made, but arguably one of the best superhero movies ever made. (Discussion contains *SPOILERS*.) They also talk about how and why the story is much deeper and more thoughtful than one might expect from a superhero movie.Kicking off Episode 2, in the new "Rank Geeks" segment, Fanboy (Paul Asay) and Know-It-All (Jake Roberson) unveil their individual lists for the "Top Five X-Men Mutants" and then combine to create the "Definitive Fanboy and Know-It-All Top 5." In the "Most Least Important Thing" discussion, to cap everything off, Know-It-All nerds out over "Better Call Saul" and Fanboy announces a DVD giveaway.

Duration: 46 min

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