Pop Apologists

Pop Apologists

Does the phrase

Does the phrase "boss babe building her empire" make you want to throw up? Is your preferred state actually vegetative in front of reality tv? Do celebrities mean more to you than your family? If so, you've found your gals. Every Wednesday, join sister duo Lauren and Chanler, as they issue the hottest takes they can give without getting #cancelled...like the oppressive societal expectation that in addition to paying our bills, we also have to have impressive hobbies, or that the fastest way to get to know a man is to look at his IG explore page. Tune in every Wednesday to Pop Apologists, critically acclaimed as "absolutely so embarrassing for our family" by their mom.

Episodes: 91


91: Ask Lauren & Chanler

Duration: 55 min

90: Olive Oil & Blood

Duration: 58 min

89: Nowhere to Hide

Duration: 51 min

88: 24 Painful Hours as a Vegetarian

Duration: 20 min

87: Kimberly Kardashian, Esq.

Duration: 37 min

86: GTFO

Duration: 55 min

85: Hawaii Dispatch ft. Courtney Grow

Duration: 58 min

84: Beauty Secrets 💅🏻 ✨

Duration: 1 hr 48 min

83: All Too Fkn Well

Duration: 56 min

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