A Gentler Ending by damnslippyplanet

A Gentler Ending by damnslippyplanet

An audio-recording of damnslippyplanet's Hannibal fic A Gentler Ending. Find the original post on AO3. Summary: Perhaps  what is called for is nothing so simple and clean as separation or  joining. It will have to be a field amputation, of sorts. Fast and  brutal, and neither of them entirely whole afterwards. But, perhaps,  survivable. He will have his dogs and some shredded version of his life  back. Maybe he’ll move somewhere warm, and leave no forwarding address.  Maybe Abigail will stay in her grave instead of following him. Hannibal  will have music and art and blood, freedom somewhere far away. If Will  makes the cut clean enough, Hannibal may keep his distance. People have  built new lives on less, surely. Or: A little Digestivo fix-it fic  because sometimes you just want your beloved characters to USE their  WORDS and avoid several more years of pain. Originally uploaded 2020-08-11.

Duration: 49 min

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