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Inequality and Violence in Our Communities (Patrick T. Sharkey)

Inequality and Violence in Our Communities (Patrick T. Sharkey)

Amid a growing chorus calling to “defund the police,” some worry about the potential for rising violence on the one hand and a question about what replaces the police on the other. Patrick Sharkey joins Before the Ballot to discuss the public health consequences of violence on children’s outcomes, the role of police and other community-building organizations in low-income neighborhoods, and strategies that can improve child wellbeing. Sharkey is a professor of sociology and public affairs at Princeton and the founder of ABOUT THE SHOW Before the Ballot is a podcast series designed to educate voters before they cast their ballots this November. It features faculty at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. The show is hosted by Elisabeth Donahue, associate dean of public affairs and communications. It is produced and edited by Henry Barrett ’22 and B. Rose Huber, communications manager and senior writer. Sarah Binder, communications specialist, wrote these summaries.

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