Episode 33 - Managing Risk

Episode 33 - Managing Risk

Hello everyone and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! On today’s episode we are talking about managing risk. We start off with what we think the biggest risks we see when it comes to jumping into entrepreneurship and then ask ourselves if those risks we brought up are the reasons we don’t quit our jobs now and make the jump. We then get into a shameless plug of our company, Educating Entrepreneurs, and how the design sprint really helps out when it comes to managing risk of your future company. After that we touch a little on a previous podcast about getting into entrepreneurship with a partner and not doing it alone. And finally we let you guys know what things you need to do this week to manage risk. Please let us know if our advice worked for you or if you have any other suggestions we can share and try ourselves. Thank you as always for listening and enjoy your week!   Subscribe! "Like" us on Facebook at Follow us on Instagram @educating_entrepreneurs

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