Episode 31 - Think Big, Think New, Think Again

Episode 31 - Think Big, Think New, Think Again

Hello everyone and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! On today's episode we will be discussing thinking big, thinking new, and thinking again when it comes to entrepreneurship. We get into topics such as having a mindset that you can create a company that can change the world, if we think big or small, if there is a curse to thinking big and much more. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the show! Show Notes 3:03 - Thinking BIG - pursuing ideas with enough potential to make it worth your timeThinking NEW - Brining your outsiders perspective to an industry where people have always done something a certain way Thinking AGAIN - being self aware enough to recognize that almost no one comes up with a great idea or a great solution to a problem right out of the gate. They have a lot of pivots along the way 4:22 - What do you guys think of the mindset of “I can create a company that can change the world?” 7:31 - Do you guys personally think big or think small? 9:51 - Thinking small is thinking realistic / Thinking big is more related to long term goal setting 14:30 - Do you guys think someone is born thinking big or is it learned? 21:00 - If you surround yourself with people with an intense level of ambition, you’re just naturally going to start heading in that direction. Surround yourself with those people pushes yourself to aim higher because they challenge you and show you what success looks like. 22:49 - What do you think there is that curse of thinking big? 26:24 - You met your goal, be happy about it, learn from what you could have done better, and don’t get down on yourself because you didn’t do that. What you need to do is move forward with that and bring it to your next venture 27:40 - People need to think about the whole big picture and the end result of what you’re trying to accomplish and then work back from there 37:26 - Build something big enough in yourself that it can’t be automated in the future 44:58 - Actionable Tasks You Should Do This Week! Subscribe! "Like" us on Facebook at Follow us on Instagram @educating_entrepreneurs

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